Verdicts & Settlements

over $152 Million recovered in 25 years


Trucking/Bus Injury Accidents

Wrongful death







Auto/Motorcycle Accidents/Deaths

Auto Injuries

Firefighter – 45-year-old

Back/Neck Injuries – 49-year-old

Orthopedic Injuries – 55-year-old

Hip Fracture – 51-year-old


Sexual Assault/Harassment

Landmark workplace sexual assault case

Representing MSU/Nassar Victims


Wrongful Death

Wrongful death of 11-year-old

Wrongful death of 37-year-old

Double death of a couple in their 70’s; Carbon monoxide exposure from pool heater defect and installation neglect

House gas explosion, gas pipe installation defects, death of a 20-year-old

Wrongful death of 4-year-old


Catastrophic Injuries

Construction accidents

Northern Michigan loss of arm & leg, 10 year battle with Court of Appeals, reversal of trial court decision to dismiss primary defendant, affirmed MI Supreme Court


Medical Malpractice

Wrongful death

50-year-old, as a result of medical negligence

75-year-old, as a result of medical negligence

6-year-old: Arm – compartment syndrome. Hospital / hand physician

Verdict against Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland – no offer


Products Liability

Carbon Monoxide Deaths
Gas Explosions
Pool Chemical Explosions

Dog Bites

Hundreds of cases resolved