Your Attorney for the Complexities of Motorcycle Injuries

If you are facing serious injuries from a motorcycle accident with lifelong consequences like lost work and extended medical care, you need to get the best settlement possible in order to move forward again. In Michigan, motorcycle injury cases are handled a lot differently from many other types of personal injury cases, with issues involving:

More serious injuries: Because of the open nature of motorcycle designs, motorcycle accidents tend to be much more severe, involving brain and head injuries or spinal cord injuries, and sometimes even wrongful death.

Jury bias: Because there is still a stigma around motorcycling, many jury members assume the cyclist is at fault in a motorcycle injury case. I have experience overcoming this bias with juries.

Complex insurance issues: Insurance is handled differently for motorcycle accidents, and I have the experience to navigate these complicated procedures.

As an accident attorney with over 30 years of legal experience, I know how to handle the more complicated aspects of this kind of case. The insurance company will offer you a pittance compared to what you could get in a successful lawsuit, pennies on the dollar for what your injuries are really worth. You need to have a lawyer who knows how to handle these claims. In complicated motorcycle accident litigation, I have experience addressing the jury and the insurance companies regarding motorcyclists’ rights to the road.