Medical Malpractice: The Resources to Win

Medical malpractice is a particularly challenging area of personal injury law. Often, these cases involve catastrophic injuries, wrongful death or injuries to infants. The public places its trust in doctors and dentists as professionals -- quite literally, we put our lives and our safety into their hands. When they act negligently with that trust, it can lead to very complex legal situations.

Recently, I won a medical malpractice case against The Cleveland Clinic in Ohio. When they came into the courtroom with a team of eight lawyers, my client looked at me with concern and asked, “Where are the rest of our lawyers?” Yet, I won a considerable verdict. The Corey Law Firm has the expertise to take on even the largest medical and dental institutions.

I have a successful track record of handling a wide variety of medical and dental malpractice cases of all sizes for 35 years. Additionally, I have a background from the defense side. I spent years defending doctors in medical malpractice cases, and the statute I wrote involves peer review for medical professionals. I understand the ins and outs of how some doctors can try to hide information and hide the truth. As you can see, I am well-rounded and from all sides of this area of personal injury law.

When it comes to a successful medical malpractice suit, two essential elements are experience and legal knowledge. I am highly skilled in both. In fact, when it comes to legal knowledge, I actually wrote the law regarding medical malpractice suits that has been on the books since 1986. Not many attorneys can say that. I handle many types of injury cases resulting from doctor negligence, including:

  • Orthopedic malpractice, which often results in compartment syndrome
  • Failure to diagnose cancer
  • Undiagnosed fractures
  • General under-diagnoses
  • General misdiagnoses
  • Blood clotting issues
  • General failure to treat a serious medical condition
  • Emergency room errors
  • Medication errors
  • Nursing home negligence, which often leads to bed sores and other injuries

I also have experience representing clients who have been injured by dentist negligence, handling issues involving:

  • Inappropriate extractions
  • Root canal mistakes, which often result in nerve damage
  • Failure to diagnose

Birth Trauma Injuries

Birth trauma is more challenging than other medical malpractice cases because it involves lifelong expenses and emotional consequences. The main cause of birth trauma is simply the doctor’s inappropriate management of the pregnancy. Gestational diabetes, for example, if not monitored and regulated properly by the doctor, causes the baby to grow too large in the womb. When a baby is too large, they are often injured at birth, resulting in shoulder dystocia among other possible serious or catastrophic injuries, or even wrongful death.

You will need a competent attorney to represent you in your birth trauma litigation. In my 35 years as an attorney, I have extensive experience in these types of cases, and I have the experience to represent you well.

Serious injuries: Most of the injuries associated with birth trauma last a lifetime. Shoulder dystocia, cerebral palsy, brain and head injuries and spinal cord injuries are just a few of the major, life-long injuries that can occur at birth.

Lifelong expenses: Medical bills, special education, and other long-term needs cost a lot of money. A financial award or settlement could be the only way to survive the financial burden of these injuries.

Emotional consequences: It is emotionally difficult enough to handle serious injuries to a loved one, but when that loved one is your infant child, it can be emotionally crippling. While money will not make the problem go away, it could help you recover and get back on your feet. I will represent you with compassion and understanding while fighting aggressively for your financial award.