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I love what I do, and it shows. After being raised by a father who taught special education, I followed my own path to advocate for others and it led me to a career in personal injury law in Michigan. I believe financial recovery is an integral part of the healing process toward becoming a whole, restored person after a traumatic event. Everyone who knows me will say I bring an unparalleled level of energy, compassion and professionalism to the courtroom. In over 40 years, I’ve earned more than $152 million in settlements for my clients. This is because I don’t just know the law, I know people.

I understand how you deserve to be treated. It’s exactly how I would want to be treated in your situation -- and I take that extremely personally. I built my award-winning practice on the foundation of compassion, understanding and respect, and because of this, my clients continually benefit from my success across all areas of personal injury incidents.

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The Corey Law Firm team specializes in getting you the financial recovery you deserve. Period. Our expert approach toward injury law, combined with a special attention to empathy, provides a personalized experience that translates into success in the courtroom. Our clients benefit from not only a comprehensive understanding of the law, but an understanding of what people need to feel cared for during one of the most traumatic times in their lives.
We fight hard and win big for our clients, and our reputation speaks for itself. Take a moment to learn more about what makes the Corey Law experience so exceptional.

We all experience events which profoundly and lastingly change our lives,

some for the worse, and some for the better. My accident was definitely the former, and meeting you and the expert and vigorous legal support you provided was definitely the latter."

Dave & Rose Ann L.

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Highly referred and deeply respected in personal injury law for over a quarter of a century

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